The Way to Success

When you are at the summit of your success, and look out over the horizons, don't forget the other peaks and troths which are your foundation.

When you are in first and pole position never forget those who helped put you there; those you may think of as the seconds, thirds, or evenworthless, they are those who taught you your lessons of choice. Those who were your adversaries and supporters. You invited them into your by the choices you mad and make.

Without their valiant efforts to deliver their own performance you may never have been motivated and driven on to excel to such an ideal degree in your goals. Whatever your judgment of them or their thoughts and actions may be; they fired your imagination. They are first or last in their own league; as you too are.

Remind yourself (often) that they too are aiming to excel and expand the bandwidth of their experiences, and that any first position is only a temporary matter of personal perspective and value. You cannot fail to achieve whatever you have set your mind to, even if you have set your condition to fail.

Those of true greatness have no need be first and foremost in anyone's eyes. They have no need to be known but they are known. They are happy to be considered seconds or thirds, or not at all. They know that their innate value will always shine through and make them a success and benefits to all. Their openness to, and acceptance of, all things as they are puts them at the forefront of all thinking and acting. Through that ability they have no need to stifle anyone's efforts to win or to commit to loss. All that achievement comes with the ability to accept; and the greatest ability is to love living out each moment you create.

True love is an unconditional acceptance of communication and relationships between all things. All things are thus possible and enabled - none are rejected as unworthy in a universe that strives on limitless creation. The universe fully opens its doors to all who believe in themselves and others. You can imagine that belief, and it puts you on the path of choices.

Imagination triumphs over will anytime. Those who imagine are already within reach of their destination. They have seen the future as their past, and now live in that present moment.

Success is not about winning at any cost and by any means, but being able to turn any challenge into a favourable and beneficial performance - structuring your own outlook into an affirmative acceptance of your choices. In a group of people striving for the same goal, you are compelled to excel along similar lines, if you let yourself be infected with the enthusiasm and are inspired by another's efforts. If you can imagine yourself doing what they do - then you are already that person. All you need to do is to pursue that vision in depth, in glorious colour and sound, feel, smell and taste it - live it out. Hold the moment as something you can picture yourself doing and being - because you are able to do so. See it now, live it out, then step back and observe that picture yourself as you feel good to be that vision.

Success, like progress, are changes; always recent inventions of differing values along your path. They simply are the solutions of some of your challenging sets, and as such they are not your will but the effects of your imagination. You are your own best teacher and disciplinarian. As you put in effort after effort to reach your appointed goal, adjust your means to suit your circumstances and aim to make your benefits a joy for all. You will, by the power of your personal and inspirational persuasion, draw in those who support you in your undertaking. Consider people or events which turn out to be adverse as those challenging moments where you can improve your own performance without re-crimination. Adversity is your honest friend, success your lover. Change you goal and you change your circumstances, the people, the thoughts and actions, your experiences.

Fear is a great inhibitor of knowledge and understanding. It is born out of ignorance and more often than not a lack of openness to things around you which are, if approached with an open mind, actually truly inspirational. Fear is about loss, in a future tense. When you fear a goal you doubt your own ability. When you doubt your ability you have already given up. Don't try - either do or don't. If you try you have already given yourself permission to not try, to fail. Fear nothing and no-one, not even fear itself. Fear can show you where more work needs to be done, so you can achieve true balance and peace of mind. Don't chide fear though, for it is a good indicator to pay attention to things you may otherwise overlook. Imagination triumphs over will anytime. Those who imagine are already within reach of their destination. They have seen the future as their past, and now live in that present moment.

People who fear pay advance interest on an event which may never happen, and if it happens they may still not be prepared enough. Have no fear then, because some things you can no longer change and those you can you do not fear anyway. Why fret over the inevitable? Rather accept it and move on - give your self another choice, create a new future past. The good thing about the past is that it is already over - you do not have to repeat it unless you wish to do so by hanging on to its patterns. Change your projection of fear into one that sees the benefits even in adversity. The more difficult and harder the experience you teach yourself, the easier your own learning. The better your resources.

Remind yourself often that any position can be improved, even if you are at the top. When that moment comes, you realise that stepping down from your lofty heights is not about loss but about working out changes - the spunk of life is unlimited adventure by creating as many variations of reality as you want; it is fun and exploration; interesting and a challenge. The challenge you are presented with over and over, each time under a different guise, until you have grasped its solution, is a goal you have set yourself. Only when you have mastered that pattern to work for you becomes the challenge a beneficial resource, an achievement, a peak from which to look out for the next horizon.

On all your journeys of aspiration chose these wise companions: Repetition generates all success - practice brings forth all achievement.

As long as you can ask questions you have indelible and incredible power. You are that power. I each of your questions lies the kernel of the next truth that you create in your reality. Asking questions and expressing opinions builds reality. Your future is a memory of those particular past resources you have put ahead of you, those are the things you wish to expand. But to you and all your actions there is only now. You live in the now according to your choices.

All of your reality is your expressed intent. Whether you think of something consciously or not, your resources of the mind and of your psyche are vast and immensely powerful. They create your reality in the here and now, communicating and corresponding with others who are empowered just like you. You may bond or separate but you are always in your own experience. Remind yourself from time to time that the universe is principled and intelligible. It's only driving rule is unlimited addition or subtraction, change, where nothing ever gets lost or discarded - only transmuted into other sets of waxing and waning moments of experiences.

Someone somewhere is always at their best, excelling beyond their own visible circumstances because they have the vision and possess the value that they can be good and even better, no matter what, without having to be first at any rate. In their vision and imagination lies the seed for a once and future life.

Someone somewhere is always an inspiration, by example alone. Above all - inspire yourself by being as imaginative and creative as you can possibly imagine yourself. Expand your horizons by doing what you would normally not trust yourself to do. Trust your own abilities.

You cannot fail to turn any experience into a beneficial memory, your own resourcefulness to be creative. Bring forth that spark, light that light, shine bright in your contentment of knowing you are your own moment of power. That is always the moment to see what YOU see, hear what YOU hear, feel what YOU feel.

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